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Hello! My name is Lydia Callis. Through LC Interpreting Services, I provide high quality American Sign Language interpretation, cultural sensitivity training, interpreter mentoring, and one-on-one ASL training.

I am a RID Nationally Certified ASL interpreter and community educator who is motivated by co

nnecting people, supporting language rights, and empowering individuals to pursue their dreams without limitation. I am experienced in a wide variety of settings and modalities to meet the diverse needs of deaf consumers.

As a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA), sign language is the language of my family and I proudly support the deaf community. Through partnerships with numerous deaf advocacy groups, I work to raise awareness regarding Deaf social issues and actively promote public policy reform.

I gained media exposure during hurricane Sandy for my ASL interpretations of Mayor Bloomberg and other NYC officials. It was an honor to assist the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community during the storm, and I am humbled that my interpretation style (see some examples on my You Tube channel helped open the door for a timely cultural dialogue regarding Deafness in America. It is my hope that we can channel pop culture attention on deafness into real, lasting social change.

I am so grateful to have an opportunity to contribute toward bringing Deaf culture and language into the public spotlight. If you would like to know more about the services that I offer, please follow the links below.

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