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Educational Services

Cultural Competency Training

LC Interpreting Services is pleased to offer ADA compliance consulting, cultural competency workshops for staff and management, employee training materials, and ongoing support services to ensure success for organizations that have Deaf and Hard of Hearing staff or clientele. Working closely with trainers and consultants who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, discover the many ways to meet the needs of clients or customers with hearing loss.

Too often, qualified individuals get overlooked for employment opportunities because hiring managers are unsure how to integrate a Deaf/ HoH employee into the workplace. They may not understand what simple accommodations need to be made, how Deaf communication works, or how the employee with hearing loss will fit in with the team. LCIS can help your business embrace diversity and demonstrate the value of a multicultural workforce.

Let’s work together to help your staff understand deafness, Deaf culture, and how to positively engage with those who have hearing loss. Our consultants would be thrilled to work with your entire team – from top level management down – to educate and inform.

ASL Training

It’s estimated that there are more than a half million individuals living in the United States for whom American Sign Language is the primary method of communication. Lack of access to communication serves as a barrier for many, limiting the inclusion of this unique linguistic minority group. Taking the extra step to welcome the Deaf population at your business demonstrates a commitment to developing an outstanding organizational culture that welcomes and supports diversity.

We believe in the power of language to build connections and create new possibilities! Discover the exciting 3-dimensional world of visual communication under the leadership of a Deaf individual whose native language is American Sign Language. Explore American Deaf language and culture, along with history and modern social issues. Learning ASL as a team offers fun challenges, as well as opportunity for growth and connection.

LCIS partners with experienced Deaf trainers to implement ASL Training sessions that can be customized to meet the size and needs of your organization, including specialized vocabulary and terminology. Learn just the basics with one session, or continue on to greater fluency with a group ASL training package.

Interpreter Mentoring

It is essential that interpreters continue to learn and grow through every stage of their career. Through LCIS mentoring services we offer novice interpreters a reliable confidant while developing professional skills.

Deaf culture can be complex, so being provided constructive feedback from an experienced mentor is critical to self-improvement. Mentoring leads to higher quality job performance, and consistency within the interpreting field.

LCIS is pleased to offer mentoring for post-graduate interpreters. If you are interested in mentor services please contact LCIS for pricing and other info!

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