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SignNexus sets the standard for excellence and efficiency when accommodating the diverse communication and cultural needs of individuals who are Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing.



SignNexus is a distinguished interpreting agency that specializes in American Sign Language, International Sign, and other sign language modalities. On-site and Remote Sign Language Interpreting Services are available to help organizations fulfill their obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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SignNexus offers Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services, also known as Realtime Captioning, for live events. Remote Captioning Services are also available to facilitate ADA compliant accessibility for virtual events on any platform.


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SignNexus Interpreters and Captioners have extensive experience in a variety of specialized settings.



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Business Interpreting

asl-deaf-interpreting-agency-for-business-01Once you’ve hired a person who is deaf onto your staff, it’s important to provide the support they need to flourish at your company. Deaf employees offer their own unique perspectives and add strength to the overall team. By providing qualified ASL business interpreting, companies can give deaf employees the opportunity to contribute their skills and expertise to the workplace.

Picture yourself in a meeting with the company CEO, or at a staff training about new safety procedures: these are situations where communication is key! Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), organizations are required to provide deaf employees with reasonable accommodations, such as qualified interpreters, in situations like this where an interpreter appropriate. Business Interpreters possess a specialized skill set that allows them to effectively bridge the gap between deaf and hearing employees during presentations, lectures, meetings, staff development days, training sessions, and more!

Fluent in ASL and English Business Interpreting

asl-deaf-interpreter-for-business-02Business Interpreters understand that people take their careers very seriously, and that there is no room for miscommunication in a workplace environment. They are highly fluent in both American Sign Language and formal English. They are also able to accurately interpret common industry phrases, business lingo, and metaphors.

Business Background

asl-deaf-interpreting-agency-for-business-03It is important for Business Interpreters to feel comfortable in any size office or boardroom. A qualified interpreter will have experience within the business world and a thorough understanding of how the corporate structure works. Business Interpreters take the time to research each organization and come prepared with basic knowledge about their clients and consumers.

Professional Demeanor

When interpreting in a professional setting, a qualified Business Interpreter arrives with an appropriate attitude, level of respect, and clothing. The interpreter should know the roles of each party, and they are able to faithfully communicate messages in the same tone as the “speaker.” Business Interpreters want to contribute to the overall success of the deaf consumer and, thusly, the organization.

Cultural Educator

business-ASL-deaf--interpreting-4In most businesses, deaf employees remain the minority, so other employees and managers might not know the best way to work collaboratively. A Business Interpreter can help fill those gaps in understanding. These interpreters will feel confident respectfully advocating for themselves or the deaf consumers if they feel they need to sit or stand in a specific spot to be most effective. They work to make the interaction smooth and successful for everyone involved.

SignNexus is pleased to provide qualified Business Interpreters in the Greater New York City area to meet a wide variety of business and corporate needs. We make the process for securing interpreters and providing equal access as simple as possible.