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Cultural Competency Training

Cultural-Sensitivity-Training-deaf-hoh-workplaceLC Interpreting Services now offers corporate cultural competency training. Learn how to hire, accommodate, and get the most out of working with deaf employees! Discover the many ways to communicate with deaf clients or customers.

Too often, qualified deaf individuals get overlooked for employment opportunities because hiring managers don’t know how to integrate a deaf employee into the workplace. They may not understand what simple accommodations need to be made, how deaf communication works, or how the deaf employee will fit in with the team. LCIS can help your business embrace diversity and demonstrate the value of a multicultural workforce.

If your company has a number of deaf clients or customers, cultural competency training is a great way to show that you respect deaf business. Let’s work together to help your employees understand deafness, Deaf culture, and how to positively engage with deaf/HoH individuals. I would be thrilled to work with your entire team– from top level management down– to educate and inform.

Contact LCIS today about cultural competency training for your business!