Educational Services

Cultural Competency Training

LC Interpreting Services is pleased to offer corporate cultural competency training. Learn how to hire, accommodate, and get the most out of working with deaf employees! Working closely with a consultant who is d/Deaf, discover the many ways to meet the needs of deaf clients or customers.

Too often, qualified deaf individuals get overlooked for employment opportunities because hiring managers don’t know how to integrate a deaf employee into the workplace. They may not understand what simple accommodations need to be made, how deaf communication works, or how the deaf employee will fit in with the team. LCIS can help your business embrace diversity and demonstrate the value of a multicultural workforce.

If your company has a number of deaf clients or customers, cultural competency training is a great way to show that you respect deaf business. Let’s work together to help your employees understand deafness, Deaf culture, and how to positively engage with deaf/HoH individuals. Our d/Deaf consultants would be thrilled to work with your entire team – from top level management down – to educate and inform.

Contact LCIS today about cultural competency training for your business!

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ASL Training

There are over 48 million people in the United States living with some sort of hearing loss. Language should be a method of communication, never a barrier!

LC Interpreting Services is pleased to offer customized one-on-one ASL training sessions for all levels. From beginners onward, our courses are tailored to fit your needs. Private lessons provide not only sign language training, but insight into cultural norms and deaf history, as well. Whether you need a refresher, a crash course, or want to learn ASL to fluency, our instructors offer the individual attention that makes learning a new language fun.

If you would like to set up a consultation, send us a message. We are happy to work with individuals, groups, or organizations.

If you live in the greater New York metropolitan area, our ASL instructors can come meet you in the convenient location of your choice. We also offer Remote Video ASL lessons (via Skype, Facetime, etc.) for those happen to live outside of the five boroughs, Long Island, or Westchester county. Please don’t hesitate to learn this beautiful language from wherever you may be!

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Interpreter Mentoring

It is essential that interpreters continue to learn and grow through every stage of their career. Through LCIS mentoring services we offer novice interpreters a reliable confidant while developing professional skills.

Deaf culture can be complex, so being provided constructive feedback from an experienced mentor is critical to self-improvement. Mentoring leads to higher quality job performance, and consistency within the interpreting field.

LCIS is pleased to offer mentoring for post-graduate interpreters. If you are interested in mentor services please contact LCIS for pricing and other info!

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