Below you will find a number of helpful resources covering a wide range of topics.

Finding an Interpreter

How to Hire an Interpreter
RID Standard Practice Paper
What Merits a Great ASL Interpreter?
Planning All Inclusive Events
Working with an ASL Interpreter: the DOs and DON’Ts

About Deafness & Deaf Culture

What is American Sign Language?
Legal Rights of Deaf Individuals
What is it Like to be Deaf?
What is Foreign About American Sign Language?
Hearing the Voice of the Deaf Community

News & Current Issues

National Association of the Deaf
• #DeafTalent Everywhere!
Deafness in Pop Culture
Helping to Educate and Advance the Rights of Deaf (HEARD)

Deaf Family Resources

Deafness in Children’s Literature
Educational Options for Deaf Children
Establishing a Bilingual ASL/ English Household 
Building Communication with a Deaf Child
Raising a Deaf Child
The Importance of Educational Interpreters
Bridging the Communication Gap in Your Own Family

For Employers

Hiring and Supporting Deaf Employees
Benefits of a Diverse Workplace
Creating Opportunities

For Interpreters

Hiring and Supporting Deaf Employees
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
How Do I Know What Interpreting Agency to Work For?
What’s it Like to be an ASL Interpreter?

NYC resources for the deaf

NYC Mayors Office Resources for Deaf/HoH
Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation

NYC Deaf Events


ADA Accommodations

Americans With Disabilities
Deaf Rights: What You Need To Know
Creating Deaf Accessibility in the Workplace

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