Below you will find a number of helpful resources covering a wide range of topics.

Finding an Interpreter

How to Hire an Interpreter
RID Standard Practice Paper
What Merits a Great ASL Interpreter?
Planning All Inclusive Events
Working with an ASL Interpreter: the DOs and DON’Ts

About Deafness & Deaf Culture

Legal Rights of Deaf Individuals
• What is American Sign Language?
What is it Like to be Deaf?
What is Foreign About American Sign Language?
Hearing the Voice of the Deaf Community

News & Current Issues

National Association of the Deaf
Deafness in Pop Culture
#DeafTalent Everywhere!
Helping to Educate and Advance the Rights of Deaf (HEARD)

Deaf Family Resources

Deafness in Children’s Literature
Educational Options for Deaf Children
• Establishing a Bilingual ASL/ English Household
Building Communication with a Deaf Child
Raising a Deaf Child
The Importance of Educational Interpreters
Bridging the Communication Gap in Your Own Family

For Interpreters

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
How Do I Know What Interpreting Agency to Work For?
What’s it Like to be an ASL Interpreter?

For Employers

Hiring and Supporting Deaf Employees
Benefits of a Diverse Workplace
Creating Opportunities

NYC resources for the deaf

NYC Mayors Office Resources for Deaf/HoH
Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation

Full list of NYC Resources


NYC Deaf Events


ADA Accommodations

Americans With Disabilities
Deaf Rights: What You Need To Know
Creating Deaf Accessibility in the Workplace

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