About LCIS


Sign Language Interpreting

LC Interpreting Services provides high quality interpreting services in American Sign Language, International Sign, and other sign language modalities. Services are available in all five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, Westchester county, and New Jersey.

LC Interpreting Services is a certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise in New York City and New York State.

Other Services

LCIS provides CART services for those who prefer speech-to-text translations in meetings, lectures, training programs, classrooms, telephone conferences, or other environments. We also work with Deaf trainers and community leaders to offer additional ADA compliance consulting, cultural competency workshops for staff and management, employee training materials, and ongoing support services to ensure success for organizations that have Deaf and Hard of Hearing workforce or clientele.

The Interpreters

At LC Interpreting Service, our ASL interpreters are passionate about the work they do. We understand that the needs of each client and situation are unique, and we are committed to providing the best interpreter for every job. Our interpreters are professional, timely, and always available to answer questions or mediate any issues which may arise before, during, and after each assignment.

Easy and Educational

Here at LCIS, we strive to make the process of requesting an interpreter simple and comprehensive. We want hearing clients and deaf consumers to truly connect, so we’re willing to go that extra mile. LCIS provides resources and guidance for those who request sign language interpreting services, and we incorporate cultural competency training along the way.

Consumer Satisfaction

Communication is the number one priority at LCIS. Our sign language interpreters are individually screened to determine skills and experience, then assigned based on these and abilities. LCIS interpreters are carefully selected for each job according to the needs of the deaf consumer and the specific setting in which their services are required. This guarantees an outstanding experience for both deaf and hearing clients. Please check out our interpreting services page to learn more about the types of interpreter needed for each setting.

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